Spectrum Directions: Chorus’ Spring Show Coming to Gaither this Month


Emilee Namphengsone, Staff Writer

After a long three-day weekend, Gaither’s hallways come back flooded with seas of black and red. From many after-school rehearsals to dance numbers in line, April marks Gaither Chorus’s yearly debut of their spring show, Spectrum!

What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is a live performance by Gaither’s Chorus program. Each year, a different theme is chosen for the show that all songs and dance numbers pertain to. Performers sing cover songs that can fall into any category like: pop, country or rock. 

This year, the show is called Spectrum Directions! Like a compass, each song title on the show’s soundtrack has a different direction it. For example, up, down, left, right, back and forwards.

The following ensembles are performing in Spectrum: Concert Chorus, Men’s Chorus, Showcase (Vocalists and Band).

Staying Safe

Senior Chorus President Lauren Guagliardo said that she was excited about the Spectrum show this year after having it cancelled last year. However, with the recent spike in COVID/quarantine cases at Gaither, musicians and their rehearsal blocks are impacted.

“I feel good about Spectrum,” said Guagliardo, “I’m just nervous that people are going to have to jump back in[to rehearsing and/or performing] after being quarantined before rehearsals.”

Guagliardo also expressed the importance of all of the performers’ health and safety while adapting to COVID precautions during the show. 

Performers plan to wear a singers’ mask and socially distance with the same procedures from their last fall concert. 

Although COVID precautions are still in mind, Spectrum is being performed in front of a live audience! This will be the first in-person audience the Chorus program will perform for this year. However, a live-stream video will still be available for those who cannot make it. 

The Show Must Go On

“It’s been a really tough year, but I’m so excited to finally [perform],” said senior Showcase and Concert Chorus Vocalist Carson Stuart.

Stuart, along with the majority of the chorus ensembles, wishes the best for their show next week because at the end of the day, music has uplifted the spirits of many–and that’s what the Gaither Chorus ensembles will continue to do.

While tickets are limited to three per ensemble member, masks are required for all audience members and seats will be socially distanced, Spectrum will be performed in Gaither’s auditorium on Thursday, April 15. and Friday, April 16. Both shows will begin at 7:00 p.m.