A Personality that Transcends Space and Time


James Simpson, Contributing Writer

Easy to recognize, junior George Keith is a tall, skinny kid with a goofy grin on his face, like he just told a joke and is waiting for you to laugh. Keith has always brought light and humor to situations that desperately need it, he is truly someone who tries to see the light in dark situations.

 “I like making people smile because I’d rather make people smile than frown,” said Keith.

While Keith says he likes being funny “sometimes” he isn’t always looking for the next wisecrack to get a giggle out of the class. 

“Half the time I’m serious [but] teachers don’t take me seriously,” said Keith. “I love history and it’s easy to work hard in subjects that I care about.”

The other half of the time Keith finds himself coming up with jokes on the spot, thinking to himself “oh this is so funny I got to share it.” With that being said, even Keith understands that there are just some jokes you can’t make in the middle of a lecture. These he started sharing on his relatively popular Tik Tok account @swag4george.

No story better encapsulates the true essence of Keith other than the events that occured on Sept. 30 of this year. While, most often one would find Keith in the hall joking around with his friends, on this day he was seen doing something noticeably out of place, walking in the hall with a backpack on his back and a yellow bellied bird in his hand. 

The reason for this occurred shortly after first period when Keith had heard a thud at the window while walking to class. Intrigued, he walked out the closest door, and saw an injured bird fluttering its wings hopelessly. 

Keith could have left the bird there to die but that wasn’t in his heart. He couldn’t have just let it lie there. Springing to action, he put on a glove he had snagged from Mr. LoJocano earlier that day and grabbed the bird. 

“If I hadn’t of picked it up, he would have died,” said Keith. 

He hurried to a class that he was now late for, bird in hand. Keith’s second period teacher insisted that he take the bird to the nurse in an attempt to revive him. After consulting the nurse Keith was given a bag of ice for the bird and told that not much could be done. But before she sent Keith back to class, she suggested that he visit the vet assist classroom to get their professional insight. 

Sadly, the vet assist had a sub, and the bird died shortly after.

In their brief time together, Keith had grown attached to the spirit of the bird and named him “Jeremy” posthumously after the character from the Disney show, Phineas and Ferb. While this experience could be overlooked and deemed irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, it reveals a deeper aspect of Keith: the want to make people happy.

While there is much more to the George Keith story, all he could share was a witty quip reflecting on his years in high school.

“Well basically I was a freshman, and then a sophomore, and then a junior,” said Keith.

Many may consider Keith a character, a cartoon of himself, but he quickly dispelled that notion saying that, “my behavior at home is the same as my behavior at school and on cross country. My behavior is consistent. My personality transcends space and time.”