Lockdown Friday Reveals New Security System


Lexi Mariash, Editor in Chief

As students walked to first period on Friday Sept. 25, a new security system had been triggered, initiating a lockdown.

A red light flashed in every room and hallway of the school accompanied with an automated voice announcing that a lockdown was taking place and students needed to report to a class. The voice recording was then followed by a separate announcement that this was not a drill. 

That morning, a fight between two students had caught the attention of downstairs teachers. Needing to call an AP to break up the altercation, teachers at the scene used the school’s new system.

By mistake, one teacher misused the system which, instead of calling an AP, put the school on a complete lockdown setting off the alarm, notifying the administrators, parents and county officials.

Students around the school had no idea how minor or severe the situation was and began running through the proper procedures in their rooms like closing blinds, locking doors and turning down the lights.

Senior Grace Hanlin was in her class without a teacher and took action.

“I made sure all the windows were closed and texted my friends that were in the parking lot to not come in school,” said Hanlin

After the red lights stopped flashing and an announcement was made that the lockdown was over, teachers and students started looking for answers. 

The new system is called Centegix which is a form of an emergency response system every teacher at our school has access to. The system was put into place to prevent another situation like Stoneman Douglas where the lack of proper security measures led to the school shooting back in 2018.

“I like that we have an immediate response system, In the outside building there isn’t a lot of protection like there is for the larger building,” said department head Patrick Geoncanteri, “out here we need a little more protection we’re more on our own, we won’t always get a response if we use the phone and in the case of a shooting having this system will protect us from that.”

Centegix was able to be put into schools around the state thanks to Florida’s recently passed Alyssa’s Law. According to the Centegix website this law “requires every school to install a panic button alarm system to reduce emergency response times.”

While the lockdown might’ve caused panic within students and teachers, it is important to have these systems in place for school’s safety because every second matters.