Celebrating Birthdays with Social Distancing


Panayiota Laliotis

Social distancing has prevented many activities, but, despite six foot distancing, celebrating birthdays have managed to continue in a variety of ways.

Freshman Tyler Wheetely had birthday plans already set and was upset when they were cancelled, but with some creative thinking she was able to have a wonderful birthday where she ate cupcakes and chatted with friends.

Wheetely drove to her friends house to drop off cupcakes and other goodies while her friends waited on a zoom call to eat cupcakes, and celebrate.

“My mom and sister gave me the idea to zoom and to make the special birthday deliveries. I wasn’t going to let the coronavirus stop me from celebrating my birthday with my friends,” said Wheetely.

Another creative way to celebrate a socially distant birthday is with a caravan of trucks and cars.

A caravan can be orchestrated by arranging a group and scheduling a time to have the group drive by the home of the person whose birthday it is.

The people participating in the drive-by portion can decorate their cars with fun posters and other decorations to show love during this time of separation.

Another way to celebrate is to decorate the lawn of the birthday girl or boy with signs to show that their birthday is still celebrated from a distance.

“I got creative and made the best out of a bad situation. I loved every minute. I’m so thankful to my friends and family who made it a birthday that will be forever remembered,” said Wheetely.