Clearwater Beach Reopening: What to Expect

Clearwater Beach Reopening: What to Expect

Ava Vaccaro

As Florida continues to reopen, popular spots like Clearwater beach are now accessible for both Floridians and tourists to enjoy. While the beach is now open, COVID-19 regulations have people questioning how to return to the beach safely and what rules are in place. 

Prior to visiting, people should be aware of the risks involved as well as abide by social distancing guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all beach goers.

“If you are going to the beach, and you know about COVID-19, you should know that you are at risk for catching it. Thousands of people sit in your spot a week, so if you catch it you volunteer for the risk,” said Clearwater beach resident, Ann Vaccaro.

While officers are on patrol, in charge of regulating the beaches and enforcing social distancing, they are reported as being lenient. And, depending where on the beach, the crowds can vary immensely.

Freshman Rachel Fine notes her experience at a busy section of Clearwater.

“The beaches are very crowded as always and the police aren’t really enforcing the new guidelines very strictly,” said Fine.

Not all parts have been crowded and over packed though, Gaither freshman Alyssa Linto shared the story of her visit.

“It was actually better than it’s ever been. It was so peaceful and nice, also everyone was keeping their distance and making sure to leave space for everyone else, it was super nice,” said Linto. 

Quarantine has kept society out of the sun for long enough, and in order to be able to continue being in public and going to the beach, the rules need to be followed and safety must be put first.