Seniors Leaving Without One Last Goodbye


When seniors left for spring break, they left without knowing they would not return. This meant that many seniors were unable to say goodbye to their classmates and, without warning, they had experienced their favorite school activities for the last time. 

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a postponed graduation ceremony and the cancellation of not just school, but many senior events like prom and grad bash.

“My favorite part about high school was the soccer team, playing soccer in the morning and building a family. But I loved everything about Gaither High School and I will miss everything and everyone, walking around in the hallways in a school that felt like my home,” said Varsity Soccer Captain Jose Flores.

Many seniors lost the opportunity to say goodbye to a favorite teacher or faculty member.

“I will miss the teachers, Mario and all the janitors, coach Scott and just being in class and being around friends everyday and I will always remember that everyday is a proud day to be a cowboy,” said Flores.

While these students are about to take a huge step as they start their real lives, many seniors are left missing their friends and classes.

“I will miss mostly chorus. I’ve been in the program for four years and this year I was president, so it was the biggest part of my high school years,” said Chorus President Skylar Meredo.

While the senior’s year was cut short and their high school careers have now concluded, it is now time for the next chapter of their lives.