Gaither Social Studies Teacher Accused of Racist and Anti-Semitic Comments Online

Gaither Social Studies Teacher Accused of Racist and Anti-Semitic Comments Online

Andie Fields

At 11p.m. yesterday, Gaither High School social studies teacher, Vernon “Chuck” Henderson was accused of making racist and anti-semitic posts on Facebook. 

Henderson has claimed his account was hacked and denied that he made these posts.

The posts in question came from Henderson’s account and were posted in a Facebook group called the Right Wing Death Squad. 

Allegations originated on a watchdog twitter account known as RuthlessWe when the account shared a picture of Henderson along with a screenshot of one of the comments.

The account followed up the tweet by commenting that posts Henderson allegedly made were “relatively tame for a group whose members routinely post pro-Nazi propaganda, extreme racism, etc…the fact that he is an educator makes his involvement that much more problematic.”

Gaither High School has a minority enrollment rate of 62%, and the comments could alienate students Henderson is responsible for educating.

Comments made in the Facebook group include one referring to people of color as “poop people” saying,  “I think we should stop looking down upon these poop people for preferring their steak slightly less than medium rare.” 

When a member of the Right-Wing Death Squad made a post asking if people of color could be “red pilled”, Henderson’s account answered “sorry they aren’t smart enough…” The response continues by arguing that Africa had no cities that weren’t built out of mud and sticks. 

The account linked to the comments is no longer available to the Pony Express on Facebook. 

Gaither High School principal, Thomas Morrill, has assured the school community that he is aware of the accusations and has followed protocol by notifying the professional standards division to open an investigation.

Morrill said that Henderson went through a strict background check before being hired and the comments in question did not come up.

“Protecting students is the number one priority and that procedures are being executed fairly and swiftly in order to maintain safety,” said Morrill.