Cowboy Critique of Homecoming 2019

This past weekend, students attended Gaither High School’s annual Starlight Homecoming Dance.  Students at homecoming had the opportunity to dance in two different rooms, pose with props and see the crowning of the homecoming king and queen.  Teachers spoke highly of the event, but students gave mixed reviews. 

Freshman Feedback:

  • “I really liked how the dance was put together and always had something going on.” 
  • “I just liked how everyone got along.  Some people didn’t even know each other but everyone had a fun time.” 
  • “The fire department kind of freaked me out.”

Sophomore Scoop:

  • “The dance was lit.”
  •  “I had a good experience overall, like hanging out with all my friends.” 
  • “The music sucked.”
  • “I really enjoyed taking pictures on the Jeep. And the scenery in general was really nice.” 
  • “There was ice all over the floor in the rave room, it was kind of nasty.”

Junior Judgement:

  • “I loved the atmosphere of the smaller room.” 
  • “I liked seeing who got crowned.” 
  • “Hoco music, not the move.”

Senior Survey:

  • “I liked the nuggets.” 
  • “I couldn’t have asked for a better last homecoming.” 
  • “It was an honor to participate [in homecoming court] and represent the class.”  
  • “It [the photo booth] was right in front of everyone. It was right next to the water line – awkward.”

Teacher Take:

  • “Trumbach does an unbelievable job, her and Senate. It’s hard to appreciate the effort that goes in there. Everything was made to seem effortless, and it really looked that way.” 
  • “It was extraordinary seeing every student dressed up to the fullest. I had a lot of fun, I had a blast. I can’t wait for next year’s homecoming and spirit week.”
  • “I loved getting to see all of the students dressed up and having a great time. It’s always nice to see kids outside of an academic setting because they get to be themselves.”

Homecoming is a special event for highschoolers and, regardless of opinion or experience, is an event that should be attended. Whether or not one wants to go, it’s still an important part of students’ high school experience and a memorable way to spend the night.