HOCO 2019: What to Do After

Shanelle Tavarez, Nichole Baez and Kathy Merius

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year once again.  Tons of high school students are getting ready for the highly anticipated homecoming dance.  It is the time where girls hunt for the perfect dress and guys try to find just the right moment to make a huge homecoming proposal.

There’s dress shopping, transportation planning, group making, but of course people need to know what to do after. 

After a long night of dancing, people are going to be starving.  Party-goers that like to get their food fast can head to places like Taco Bell or McDonald’s to meet their needs.  Those who prefer a sit down restaurant might enjoy Chili’s, Applebee’s or other similar establishments.   

Once students are well fed, they like to get together and hang out with friends and fellow classmates.  Students can continue the party and dance once again, or sing their hearts out to karaoke songs. 

For those seeking a quieter option, having a sleepover and relaxing after the long night is the way to go.   If teens are too exhausted, they can always go home, get into their pajamas, pop some popcorn and catch up on their favorite Netflix shows. 

All in all, there are tons of things to do after homecoming, just make sure to stay safe.