HOCO 2019: Who to Go With

Jada Sparrow and Panayiota Laliotis

On the night of homecoming, spending time with friends or a significant other is the best way to make the night memorable.  Students going with friends can snap a few pics to make the memories last a lifetime. For students going with a date, it is a nice touch to match outfits and buy a corsage and boutonniere.  Here are some of the homecoming proposals that have happened this year.  

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Epperson
Connor Zaragoza (right) and Ashley Epperson (left) stand together after Zaragoza’s homecoming proposal.
Photo Courtesy of Savannah Newsome-Richardson
Ryan Kaufman (left) and Savannah Newsome-Richardson (right) pose with a pup.


Those still looking for someone to take pictures with can purchase an ad to be put in this article.  For more information on how to advertise for a date, see Lorien Mattiacci in room 297.