HOCO 2019: What to Wear

Brielle Allison, Emily Brooks and Kaia Bonilla

General Guidelines

Homecoming attendees are expected to arrive in formal attire: dresses or suits. Wearing casual clothing like sneakers, crocs, t-shirts, jeans, hoodies will be grounds for no-entry. 

Dress Rules For Gentlemen

Gentlemen must wear a tux or suit to attend homecoming. This includes a dress shirt, dress slacks, dress shoes, a tie or bowtie and the choice to wear suspenders and/or a belt. Small evening bags are allowed, but hats and canes are not permitted. 

Dress Rules For Ladies 

Ladies must wear formal clothing (dresses or suits) that hits below the fingertips, with no large cutouts, no large dips in the back, no high slits, and no cleavage. 

Georgette’s Boutique
Homecoming dresses from Georgette’s Boutique in Tampa, FL


As stated earlier, hats and canes aren’t acceptable accessories for homecoming, and students will be denied entry with them. Those planning to attend homecoming should plan on wearing accessories that are comfortable or easy to move in. 


In general, violating the homecoming dress code could result in teaching staff and chaperones denying students entry into homecoming. Students who are ejected or denied entry will not receive refunds. 

Homecoming Shopping: Special Treatment 

Some suit stores or dress stores offer special privileges for their customers.  The price of these privileges comes at an additional cost, but it can be well worth it. These privileges can include dress reservations; when ladies buy a dress, the store collects the name of their high school and puts the dress on hold for them, ensuring that they’ll be the only one at homecoming with that dress.

Affordable Options 

Many thrift stores or consignment shops put out a display of dresses and suits around homecoming season. This is a great option for homecoming attendees on a budget. Thrift shopping is a good way to spend less money on hoco-wear than buying from physical stores or online retailers. 

What To Bring?

Outside food and drink are prohibited. This includes any type of snack (protein bars, fruit gummies, etc.) or drink (Gatorade, energy drinks, water bottles of any type, etc.). Large backpacks or bags are not allowed inside. If students plan to bring a bag, it should be kept to something no larger than a small evening bag for gentlemen or a small clutch for ladies. Also, it’s a great idea to bring nice sandals or socks to dance in after photos, instead of braving the dance floor with bare feet or sky-high stilettos. 

Checking Your Belongings

There is a coat check and a bag check available for hoco-goers to check their belongings. Homecoming attendees are allowed to check jackets, purses, phones and other belongings for the price of $1 per item per 30 minutes. Charging stations are also available for a dollar per 30 minutes charged. 

Post-Season Sales 

Many stores have post-season sales that hoco-goers should take advantage of. Physical stores and online retailers often mark down their dresses, suits and shoes by a considerable percentage, sometimes up to 50%, after homecoming.  Buying a dress, suit or pair of shoes on sale after homecoming and saving it for prom, or even next year’s homecoming, is a great way to save money.