HOCO 2019: Spirit Week

Viviana Burgos and Ava Vaccaro

Homecoming is just around the corner and spirit week is filled with fun themes students can dress up for.  Spirit Week will take place Oct. 7-11.  Students are allowed to get creative and jump out of their comfort zones but school dress codes still apply.  Any questions about outfits being school appropriate should be taken to senior class sponsor, Teresa Trumbach, or students may reference the dress code guidelines on the Gaither website.

Photo Courtesy of Analiese Rubero
Analiese Rubero (left) and Gabby Marshall (right) smile for a picture during last year’s spirit week.

Students are encouraged to show some school spirit and go all-out for each day’s theme.  Kateri Espinosa, Vice President of the Senior Class, is a huge advocate for participating in school events, especially spirit week.

“It’s important for students to participate [in spirit week] in order to contribute to their high school community and to have the best high school experience possible.  It’s fun to see people’s personalities expressed in their outfits.  My favorite part is taking pictures with my friends to have memories that will last forever,” Espinosa said.

The Homecoming Spirit Week themes are: 

  • Monday: Time to Rep Your Stars n’ Stripes
    • Wear red, white and blue or camo
  • Tuesday: Time for a Generation Gap  
    • Freshman – dress like senior citizens
    • Sophomores- dress like middle-aged people
    • Juniors- dress like toddlers
    • Seniors- dress like babies
  • Wednesday: Time to Cowboy Up!
    •  Western wear (no toy weapons allowed)
  • Thursday: Time to Travel Back in Time
    • Dress us up in any decade’s fashion style
  • Friday: Time to win the spirit stick!
    • Seniors wear black
    • Juniors wear  blue
    • Sophomores wear green
    • Freshman wear white