School cancelled due to Hurricane Dorian’s growing strength


Photo by NBC News

Rachel Slay, Editor-in-Chief

Hurricane Dorian is heading toward Florida and has students asking many questions about its severity, school cancellations and what to do when it arrives.  

Hurricane Dorian is expected to grow from a Category Three storm to a Category Four by the time it reaches Florida on Monday, according to CBS News.  The National Hurricane Center reported maximum sustained winds at 115 mph at 2 p.m. EST this afternoon and will continue to put out information about the storm.  

School districts across the state have announced their closures throughout the day in response to the severe weather reports.  Just before 3:30 this afternoon, Jackie Eisenhauer, Assistant Principal for Administration at Gaither, had “no information” regarding school cancellations because “the school system is not the arm that makes the decision,” Eisenhauer said.

Hillsborough County School District has since announced on their website that school will be cancelled on Tuesday, but sports and after school events will still take place on Saturday, as scheduled. 

New information is being reported constantly, so local citizens are advised to refer to the county’s website for continuous updates and can visit the Florida Department of Education’s website for additional school closures.    

Specific guidelines, procedures and shelter locations can be found on Hillsborough County’s website as well.