Asian Culture Club

Brielle Allison

The Asian Culture Club is led by President Annalisa Schabbehar and Vice President Michael Cortes, with the help of club sponsor Mr. Healy. Healy thinks the Asian Culture Club is a good place for students because, “[the club] celebrates a shared interest in the cultures of Asia,” Healy said. The Asian Culture Club focuses on celebrating the food, cinema and cultural activities of different Asian cultures. “Asian culture has been on the rise in the western industry lately, our club provides those interested a way to learn about different foods from Asian regions by eating and talking about these varieties of tastes. As well as allowing people to understand the traditions of these cultures,” Schabbehar said. 

The Asian Culture Club meets during third period in room 283. Dues are $20 to join. For more information about Asian Culture Club, contact Healy in room 283.