10 Halloween Decorations You Can Make Yourself

10 Halloween Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Halloween is creeping up on us, and what better way to get in the Halloween spirit than by decorating your house so it looks like it came out of a Tim Burton movie?


  • Ghost lanterns

For this simple decoration all you’ll need is a milk jug, a black marker, and holiday lights.

First, rinse the milk jug out. Once that is complete draw a ghastly face on the milk jug and place the holiday lights (preferably battery powered) in the jug. These are perfect indoor and outdoor decorations that are fun and easy to make with your family.


  • Tree ghosts

This craft can be done easily with family and friends and all you’ll need is: White tissue paper, rubber bands, cotton balls, a black marker and a twist tie.

To begin, take the tissue paper and place cotton balls in the center. Once that’s finished close the paper around the cotton balls with a rubber band making a ghost shape (the cotton balls in the paper makes a head). To finish it, draw a ghost face on the paper and poke a twist tie through the head and use the twist tie to hang it up wherever you want.


  • Candy corn jack-o-lanterns

For this craft you will need: A clear glass vase, a black marker, and gel beads (Orbeez) in clear, orange and yellow.

First, soak the beads in water until they have grown to your desired size. After that pour the head into a vase in the color order of yellow, orange and clear(like a candy corn). Finally, draw a spooky jack-o-lantern face on the vase and set them up to display.


  • Toilet paper evil eyes

This simple craft can be done with five things: A toilet paper roll, black paint (optional), wax paper, a glow stick and scissors.

To start cut out eyes from the toilet paper roll, paint the roll black and let it dry. Once the paint dries place wax paper around the inside of the roll, copying its cylindrical  shape and finally place a glow stick in the roll to make it look like glowing menacing eyes. (Green and red look best but you can experiment with other colors.)


  • Bloody hand prints

Is it a Halloween decoration or a crime scene? For this craft you will need: wax paper, glue and red paint.

Lather a layer of glue on your hand and place it on the wax paper.  Wait for the glue to dry and carefully peel your hand off the paper. Cut out the shape of your hand and paint the hand red and place the hand prints in a door or window.


  • Dead plants

There is more than one way to do this decoration; simply, take poor care of your plants, or use fake plants and black paint. We will be doing option two.

This craft is simple and can be done quick. Buy a fake plant and some black spray paint. Spray the fake plant (and its pot,) black and let it dry. This decoration can be used over and over again and it’s very simple.


  • Ghost garbage bag

To summon this decoration all you need is a white garbage bag and a black marker.

If you have a large tree in your yard, when you rake the leaves put them in the garbage bag, tie it up and draw a face on them to make a simple and cheap decoration. (If your yard doesn’t have many leaves you can use recycled newspaper).


  • Bush eyes

For this decoration you’ll need: a paper plate, green and black construction paper, glue, scissors and a red marker.

First, cut out a circle from the green construction paper and a smaller circle from the black to fit inside the green circle. Glue the black circle on top of the green circle and glue that on top of the paper plate. Finally, with your red marker draw veins in the eyes and place them in a bush. (You can make as many eyes as you want just repeat the steps.)


  • Alien head

To make this decoration all you will need is: White balloons, a black marker and a green glow stick.

To begin, blow up a white balloon, crack a green glow stick and slip it into the balloon. Tie the balloon up and with the black marker draw an alien face on the balloon, but don’t press too hard or the balloon has a risk of popping. Once it’s tied, place the balloon in your house or outside. Remember to make this decoration close to Halloween night or the glow stick may stop working.


  • Door Mummy

For this decoration all you need is: tape, white party streamers, black construction paper and white construction paper.

Before you start this decoration, ask your mummy for permission to do it. Once you have permission start by taping white streamers to the outside of your front door until it is completely covered. With the white and black construction paper make eyes and tape them to the door. To finish, place one layer of streamers covering the bottom of the eye and the top of the eye to give them depth and to keep them in place.

These are 10 DIY Halloween decorations you can make before Halloween; they are simple to make and easy to afford. These decorations are sure to make your house the hauntest (hottest) in your neighborhood.

Have a safe and fun Halloween, Cowboys.