Behind the Bandana

Student dancer gives school mascot new life


Yacob Reyes, Staff Writer

There he stands in the middle of the gymnasium, while his heart races in anticipation for the music to begin. All eyes were on him, yet his own faces the ground while he recites the Lord’s Prayer under his breath. As the song starts he feels a rush through his body, nothing on his mind but the music and how he found himself flowing to the rhythm. As he proceeds to contort his limbs in an artistic manner, he glances at the crowd and remembers his first audience.

Because although students have watched senior Tre’moni Telesford dance seemingly effortlessly for years, he is reminded of the kid who was once so crippled by fear at performing he had to close his eyes.

Because he is reminded of that first performance in front of his family in which his eyes had finally begun to open up in the ways his heart did while he danced.

Because staring into that crowd, he felt a jolt of adrenaline, the blood of a family of entertainers flowing through his veins. The blood he shared with his uncle, Dread, who taught him to dance.

“[My uncle] taught me how to do more technical dancing, like bone-breaking and stuff from up north, and I incorporated newer forms of dancing and down-south styles,” said Telesford.

Fascinated with dancing since he was 2 years old,  Telesford took inspiration from multiple performers, but one in particular stood out above the rest.

“Michael Jackson has always been one of my greatest influences,” said Telesford.

As a child, Telesford harbored a particular sense of humor that led to the creation of his unusual stage name.

“One day at church we saw a guy who looked like Keith Sweat and I made a joke and called him ‘Kid Sweat’,” Telesford explained, “and the name just stuck with me.”

After spending years training and developing his own distinct form of dancing, Telesford, with the help of his family, decided it was time to find an outlet to present his talent to the world.

“By Dec. 31, 2010 [I] created my first dance video with my father recording and my brother controlling the music. Since I was serious about dancing, I started to edit my own videos. As the years went by, my videos weren’t the ordinary home dance videos,” said Telesford. “I can honestly say my family and my close friends were my biggest critics. But that only pushed me harder.”

As Telesford approaches his last year here at Gaither High School, he fondly remembers the experiences he’s had from choreographing the Multicultural Assembly his freshmen year to showcasing his dancing abilities as the mascot of Gaither High School.

Telesford wants to begin traveling and performing after senior year, in the hopes of continuing the legacy that began at Gaither, never forgetting those who have helped him get to this point in his life.

“I appreciate [and] love all the people who have supported me throughout the years. I will remain humble.”

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