Girls Soccer Starts New Season With Confidence

Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer

The Gaither Girls Soccer team suffered last year’s season with 3-8-3 and this year they are hoping for a chance to redeem themselves.

This year the team plans on improving their performance by focusing on what they were doing right in the game and fixing their mistakes.

“The team trains five days a week and practices for one to two hours,” said junior Sierra Stoltzfoos, a first year player.

The team is also changing how they practice as the season continues.

“At the beginning of the season we do a lot of conditioning, usually run a mile every day and some sprints, then we’ll head over to the practice fields and work on ball work,” said senior Alexis Bless. “Once the we start our games we will work more on formation and game-like situations.”

The players and coaches want everyone to feel and be a close as possible because they are family.

“This season there are a lot of new players and a few returning ones from last year, so it’s a good mix,” said Bless.

As of right now, head coach Patrick Geanconteri has not yet revealed to the team their positions.

“I want to be a mid-field player, but he will tell us the day of the game because it could change,” said Stoltzfoos.

With the first game of the season only a day away, the team is training extra hard make sure they win the first game of the season.

“The girls and I have been putting in a lot of hard work and training,” said Bless.

The students are excited about this coming season and can’t wait to see the improvement of the team. The team’s goal this year is to win as many games as possible and to win more than they did last season.

“I think we are ready for this season,” said Bless.

The first game is Nov. 1 at 7 pm at Gaither playing against Alonso.