New Assistant Principal Joins the Gaither Staff

Brendan Fredericks, Staff Writer

Gaither High School welcomed a new assistant principal in the student affairs office this year. Rubye Dunn joins the GHS administration team when she was hired over the summer.

Dunn is a graduate of Bloomingdale Senior High School. She graduated Florida A&M University and Nova Southeastern University. She was an assistant principal at Jennings Middle School for two years before coming to Gaither. Prior to her experience as an assistant principal, she had 15 years of experience in teaching English and reading at Steinbrenner High School.

Dunn is excited to be an assistant principal at Gaither and help students and staff explore their full potential.


“It’s really my goal as an administrator to inspire teachers to be their best and therefore having a ripple effect on the students,” Dunn said. “I like to try to motivate people to see the bright side of things, make goals for themselves and pursue their dreams and goals.”


Dunn explained that she cares and respects students and staff and wants to help make Gaither a safe space for everyone.


“My first priority is making sure that all students feel safe and comfortable in our school. I don’t want students coming here and feeling like they’re in danger. I also want them to feel safe enough to come to me and know that I’m here for them.”


Only a few weeks into the year, students are already observing Dunn’s commitment to student comfort and success.


“She seems to care a lot about the students,” says Kyle Ojeda, grade 11. “I’m confident that she’ll make a good AP.”


Dunn wants students to be comfortable and successful at school, not only in the hallways or in their extracurriculars, but in the classroom as well.

“I want to make sure our students are working and engaged in their classes and teachers are giving those quality lessons because that’s what really helps them be successful.”

Students and staff are glad to see her join the Gaither Cowboy Family
“I think she’s going to add to our team in supporting our students, she’s going to hold students accountable,” says Thomas Morrill, principal of Gaither High School. “I like her mannerisms: she’s direct, but very fair; she also has a good sense of humor. I’m very excited to have her here with us.”