Back to the… Present? It’s Back to the Future Day!

Courtsey of Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

Courtsey of Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

Hannah Reasor, Entertainment Editor

Today you check your phone every hour of every day, your TV has thousands and thousands of channels, and you can buy almost anything you want on the internet- and I mean almost everything, but that’s not what Marty McFly discovered when he traveled to this date today, from 30 years in the past.

The classic 80’s film Back to the Future, directed by Robert Zemeckis, with stars Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, sent Marty forward 30 years into the future. This put the crazy hooligan in the midst of what we call the present- October 21, 2015.

McFly found himself in the middle of hoverboards and shoes that lace themselves in Zemeckis’ Back to the Future II. Jaws 16 had come out and everyone dressed “futuristic.” Although we don’t have hoverboards, we do have iPhones, laptops, tablets, artificial intelligence, and more technology that Marty McFly would only dream of.

There will be a New York screening at the Lincoln Center where the original cast will make an appearance. Many theaters across the world will be showing the trilogy in sequential order tonight.

If Marty McFly has finally made it here, then what’s next for the future? Will we finally get hoverboards?

We’ll have to see.