Staying safe this spring break

Hannah Reasor, Staff Writer

Students look forward to spring break every year. Whether they’re in elementary, middle, or high school, each year kids are bubbling for that week off in the spring. No matter what students plan to do over their spring break, there are many precautions that can be taken to ensure that each student’s spring break is not only enjoyable, but safe as well.

Safe choices are the essential factor in having a fun, harmless time. If a student is going to a party, a good choice would be to not drink and drive or drive while under the influence. This choice could save many people, including the student, whoever he/she is driving, and the people around them on the road.

Another main source of a safe time would be to not trust strangers. The dangers of strangers is high during spring break due to many young students staying in hotels and being at the beach. If a student is staying home alone then not opening the door or answering the phone would be a good way to stay safe. Strangers are not limited to only public places, bad things can happen anywhere.

Those who plan to leave the country this spring break should make sure to keep all valuables at home, because many people tend to steal from foreigners while they visit. Students should stay with those they are traveling with and not take any shortcuts considering they do not know the area well enough and could get lost.

One of the biggest things that people always want to keep safe is their money. A smart thing for students to keep in mind would be to never carry large amounts of cash. Carrying small amounts and having a debit card with them if they have one, as long as they keep it safe, would be an intelligent idea.

Teenagers planning on taking a road trip somewhere should keep certain things in mind. Take turns behind the wheel so that each driver does not get too tired which can impair their driving. Whoever sits shotgun should stay awake to make sure the driver stays awake as well. Make sure that valuables stay hidden while in the car so thieves are not tempted to take them.

The most important thing is for students to stay healthy. Wearing sunscreen when out in the sun and in the water is an important part of staying healthy to avoid skin diseases. Make sure to drink a lot of water when in the sun for long amounts of time to stay hydrated. Make sure to eat lots of snacks to replenish energy that has been lost from being in the sun.

Keeping these important things in mind this spring break will surely help students stay protected while also enjoying their spring breaks. This year can be fun and safe if these tips are followed.