Quarterback stands tall in the pocket when facing expectations


Michael Alpuin

Shania Perez, Staff Writer

Sophomore Sarah Mazur is the quirky, devoted quarterback of the girl’s football team. Starting this huge responsibility, Mazur has tackled on this new task.

“You got to lead the team and stay focused out there,” said Mazur. “One of my main priorities is just to be a leader, don’t get down. If you get down then the rest of the team gets down; just keep your head high.”

Mazur is using any leadership skills necessary to keep up her moral and her team’s spirits. She has put in any hustle she has in her for this position; her enjoyment for football is what’s guiding her through.

“I plan to play the rest of my high school career, maybe some intermural and college. I enjoy it [football]. I have a lot of fun with it,” said Mazur.

Mazur has been taking care of the team seeing as she’s taken up this task as quarterback. She knows her duties and when she needs them most. She gets along well with her fellow team members, which contributes to her authority skills that will help their entire team.

“She [Mazur] is a good leader and communicates well; she’s a good team player. She’s good at keeping positive energy even when something’s going bad,” said sophomore Haley Hotalen, middle linebacker.

Mazur has had some experience last year in football, which will contribute towards the qualities she will need for this year and any upcoming. Quarterback has many qualities you would preferably need or develop to keep your position and to complete your role. It is no position to be playing around or joking- especially if you have the potential.

“She was the quarterback last year so she has a season under her belt and hopefully she’ll learn from that; what went right and what didn’t go so right so and apply that for the upcoming year in 2015,” said girls’ football coach Bill Agatheas. “She’s a free spirit, she always comes in with a big smile on her face; doesn’t let things rattle her- if she does, she doesn’t really show it. She’s basically a good kid and very talented. Maybe she needs to be a little more serious at times during practice because by the time you get into a game, sometimes that’s too late.”

As said, Mazur lifts up the spirit of not only her team members, but herself as quarterback. She is an uplifting spirit who finds it necessary to put in her all during training plus her official matches again other schools. It’s her obligation to be in an appropriate mood to kick up everyone’s game.

Mazur keeps optimistic vibes flowing all throughout her games.

If Mazur puts in the obvious amount of effort needed, she will be rewarded. Mazur will enter and leave this season with her own personal ‘bang’. Mazur is leaving her footprint on the girls’ football team and is putting her heart into this upcoming season.