Valentine’s Day not just for couples anymore


Ashley Lowe, Advisor

Hannah Reasor, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day not just for couples anymore
Many teens are single on Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t stop them from having fun on the day meant to be about love and companionship. Some ideas and tips for single ladies and gents on Valentine’s Day are the following below:

1. Get yourself your own flowers and chocolates! Stores don’t have sales on the Valentine’s Day goodies JUST for couples! Indulge yourself in the little things. Sometimes a good bouquet of tulips or lilies can brighten your day alongside some delicious chocolate.

2. Get some friends together and visit some get-togethers where you can meet people who also lack a partner on Valentine’s Day.

3. Instead of going out stay inside! Maybe treat yourself to some good food and your favorite movies. Or have your best friends come over to hang with you and watch TV shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

4. Volunteer at a nursing home or pet shelter. Many nursing home residents don’t have loved ones with them on Valentine’s Day as well as homeless dogs and cats who wouldn’t mind a cuddle or two.

5. If all of your friends are dating or you just don’t feel like hanging out with them, a nice dinner with your sibling(s) and/or family, or just being in their company would be a nice gift.

6. Spread the spirit of Valentine’s Day by giving out flowers, sealed chocolate or other goodies to people you know or meet on the street. It could make that person’s day!
Hopefully these tips help those who are single this Valentine’s Day!