New drama teacher instills passion in theater students


Michael Alpuin

Hannah Reasor, Staff Writer

Theater isn’t just a career; it’s a passion, at least according to William Albritton, the new drama teacher, who believes in having fun with theater in school.

“School should be fun. Theater should be fun,” said Albritton.

Albritton has been teaching for 6 years. He started teaching as a temporary English teacher at Alonso High School before moving to Chamberlain High School where he worked as the Journalism, Yearbook, TV Production and Drama teacher.

“An opportunity arose to come here [to Gaither] and only teach theater as oppose to newspaper, yearbook, TV and theater all at the same time. So I jumped at the opportunity and I’m very happy to be here,” said Albritton.

The students are just as elated to have Albritton as the new drama teacher.

“I’m really happy that he’s here more than anyone else, because he’s built a relationship with us not just as a teacher, but as a friend and as a director,” said senior Lauren Klink.

Albritton was in theater as a student and wanted to teach drama to give kids a chance to have a motivating class and invoke zeal in them. His idea of productive fun allows students to not only accomplish the goals and finish the work needed to be done, but to have fun doing it.

“I’m a teacher now because I had so much fun in high school and if I could help kids have half as much fun as I did, I would be doing my job,” said Albritton.

Getting work done isn’t the only goal for having fun in theater though. Albritton believes in a free atmosphere where students can express themselves to others.

“What I get to do in my job is create an environment where kids can feel free to express themselves and have productive fun,” said Albritton.

Albritton has definitely made an impact on his students this year with his new ideas and passion for theater. He has instilled the same love into those who have him as their teacher and mentor.

“He helps a lot by not only being a teacher but also being available as somebody to talk to, because when you work with people in any kind of art, it’s easier to work with somebody that you know and that you know you can trust and he’s proven to be somebody that we can trust and we can go to with our problems if we need help with something,” said junior Kaylee Lopresto.

Albritton believes that the most important part of his job is helping these students find and build their talent.

“There’s talent at every school, but it’s the drama teacher’s job to provide opportunities and experience for those who have talent so they can improve their talent or find their talent. It’s up to the drama teacher and all the arts teachers, to inspire students to have an outlet to express their talent,” said Albritton.

Albritton is excited to be teaching at a new school with new students that he can impact. He is looking forward to the drama department’s upcoming plays/musicals such as Into the Woods premiering Apr. 30 and ending May 1.