Walk the Moon fills out sound


Courtesy of Walk the Moon

Hannah Reasor, Staff Writer

Lights, excitement, interaction- all things you experience when in the audience for Walk the Moon; things that were hard to find on their debut album. But with their sophomore album “Talking is Hard,” they have finally managed to bring their live sound to a recorded album.

Not only is the sound more robust, but the lyrics are richer with more feeling behind each word.

Walk the Moon likes to spread the word of self-acceptance, happiness, and love to their fans, which is evident in their album. The album, overall, is uplifting which makes it different from other pop-rock albums. There are only a few slower songs on the album with the others being light and cheerful.

Each song seemed to have been chosen and placed carefully. With the album starting off with light and poppy “Different Colors”, you can ease into the new jovial sound Walk the Moon has to offer. The title fits the song quite well due to the colorful sounds that come from lead singer, Nicholas Pettrica’s voice and the guitar.

Pettrica’s vocals are showcased enough to show off his range while also providing backup vocals to bring together a strong sound.

One of the most surprising tracks on the album is the last track of the album, “Aquaman.” It starts off with synthesizers and African bongos, bringing any 80’s kid back to that decade of the alternative genre. When Pettrica comes in with a new soul to his voice, the feeling starts to contradict between 80’s love ballads and modern R&B.

Walk the Moon’s music is considered indie rock but they surpass and transcend pop and indie rock. This brings together a new wave of something completely unique and pure.

“Talking is Hard” brings Walk the Moon back from their first album, definitely being a better sound overall than their debut. The album encompasses not only upbeat bass lines and encouraging lyrics, but also brings the electrifying live feel that Walk the Moon is known for, to a digital recording.