Student expands singing career with live performances


Courtesy of Eliza Stoney

Stoney sings her heart out in front of a crowd.

Kayla Mutunhu, Entertainment Editor

For some teenagers, sports or art may be their afterschool hobbies, but for Sophomore Eliza Stoney, singing is everything.

At a young age, Stoney was inspired to start singing by her father. Coming from a very musically involved family, it’s no wonder the teenager adores singing.

“My dad inspires me [the most] because I’ve been around him [making] music since I was little,” said Stoney. She’s been singing for as long as she can remember, and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Music today has become a large part of society. Whether it’s singing, making music or listening to music—teenagers everywhere are engaging in the phenomenon.

In fact, Stoney has considered music to be something that is very normal to her. In the future, she hopes to pursue her musical career and fulfill her dreams of becoming a professional singer.

“[Singing has] always been something that I’ve enjoyed doing and it is something that comes very natural to me,” said Stoney. Not only does she cover different songs, she also covers a variety of genres. Stoney enjoys all genres of music, but opera is one she hasn’t become fond of yet.
Other than singing at school, Stoney has managed to expand her career outwards by performing live at clubs and restaurants. The teen is leaving her mark in many places, while also having a great time.

“I do paying shows at a couple different places in St. Pete, Harbor Island and Gibsonton,” said Stoney. In the future, Stoney plans on taking on singing as a career.

Her support system includes many close family and friends. Stoney’s friends always have her back and calm her nerves whenever she goes live.
“I think it’s great that she does what she loves. I’ve been to most of [her shows],” said Sophomore Chelsey Wasmund.

Through singing, Stoney hopes to make people happy and become more connected with music. Like a professional, the teen manages to balance her schoolwork with singing. Stoney still does well in school, along with doing something she loves.

Along with many other teenagers, Stoney has developed a strong love for music and it has changed her life in some of the greatest ways possible.

“[Singing] makes me feel amazing because music is something that makes people feel so many different emotions. It connects people from all around the world,” said Stoney. Stoney’s passion and love for singing shows how much the form of musical art means to her.

Music is and always will be a huge part in Stoney’s life. Singing is her passion, and she wouldn’t trade it for anything.