A.P. courses- help or hinder? (pro)

Sabrina Olivier, News/Features Editor

Every school year there comes a time where students will make their way to the guidance office and sign up for classes for the upcoming year. In doing so, some might come across a few A.P. courses and might think to themselves, “Should I really take this class?” If that sounds like you, the answer is “YES!”

All students should sign up for at least one A.P. course during their high school career, especially those who want to attend college. The benefits of taking an advanced placement course are crucial to success. College Board offers these courses for high school students to get the chance to save some money, have exposure to a college course and stand out in college admissions.

For those who don’t know, when you take an A.P. class, at the end of the year a test is administered at a designated location, and it’s similar to students’ semester exams, but it goes more in depth. It covers the class entirely instead of one semester. If you pass the test with a three or higher, congratulations! You’ve just saved a few hundred dollars. Students will get to see what a college tests really feels like.

When a student takes an A.P. class, and is later applying for colleges, admissions reviews all the work a student has done in their high school career and one thing they love is a student with motivation and who challenges themselves by taking the advanced courses. Even if the test for that class didn’t pass for college credit, knowing that they confronted these classes, college admissions will give this student a big thumbs-up and consider admitting them into their school.

Not only that, but there’s more than just college admissions who look over students’ high school career and whether or not one has taken an A.P. class or two. There are multiple scholarship opportunities for doing exceptional in these courses that are funded by College Board. So, not only would a student have passed this test and save money by not having to take the class in college, but they could receive even more money from a scholarship. Who wouldn’t want to jump at a chance like that?

Something that students might not think that an A.P. class would do for them is the fact that it opens eyes on what someone might want to do in the future. Sure, taking a class or two that boosts your GPA is a mega bonus, but it allows you to take a second to really think about how much you’re enjoying Psychology, or maybe Literature, or even Calculus. You’ll have a moment to realize and think to yourself, “This is what I want to do.” It sounds almost too good to be true, right? It’s not.

Challenging oneself is good and it is a way to the road of success in more ways than one. So, next time you’re not sure about taking an A.P. class, discuss it with your counselor. Ask what class may be right for you. Expand your comfort zone and challenge yourself for a better future.