First Quarter at Gaither Wraps-Up Smoothly


Sophia Messer

As the first quarter of the school year comes to an end, students and teachers of Gaither have a lot to say about the subject. 

Teacher William Helms believes the first quarter went well. He explained how it has been different from previous years, and that this change was for the better. 

“Half our students are online and brick and mortar, but we’re all adjusting to it just like the students are. So we’re all awkwardly getting through it together,” said Helms.

Helms explained how making adjustments has been difficult, but the school is flexible. He highlighted how teachers need to “learn a new recording platform like Canvas,” which most have done very well. 

Additionally, Helms believes that students are doing a fine job at following the new standards. 

“They’ve been dealing with it all, and they’re doing a pretty good job at adjusting to the new situations and new ways of learning,” said Helms.

Freshman Mackenzie Hall feels similarly, she explained how she has had a pleasant experience, although it passed swiftly. 

“We only had a few weeks in school before the first quarter ended,” said Hall.

The quarter felt brief due to the later start date and the initial start with online classes. 

“It’s my first year in high school, so I think being in a new setting made it more fun, and maybe the new setting also has to do with how quickly it went by because I was still adjusting,” said Hall.

Students and teachers of Gaither feel that the first quarter of the year went well and look forward to the future.