Friday’s Game Celebrates the Class of 2021


Families of Gaither High School made posters lined up on the fence outside of Death Valley Stadium.

Ava Vaccaro, Staff Writer

Senior night at Gaither high school introduced the class of 2021 football players, band members and cheerleaders. Seniors line up alphabetically as their names, sports they played, and the careers they wanted to pursue were introduced as they walked alongside their family. 

While each senior was able to walk with three to four family members, extended family and friends sat on the bleachers to cheer when they heard their senior’s name. Some even brought decorated posters to put on the fence to celebrate their love and appreciation. 

Gaither high school SB/WR Julian Gonzalez’s family came to support.

“I’m here to watch him on his senior night and I am very happy to see him succeed,” said Gonzale’s sister, Jazmine Gonzales. 

While attendance to games is now back at normal capacity, on the field seniors were required to wear a mask, to meet COVID regulations, something that will surely provide for a memorable picture. As well as mask seniors wore their respective uniforms. Football players, cheerleaders and band members all wearing their uniforms with pride. 

“When you’re trying to achieve your life goals, don’t stop, just get it,” said the mother of Gaither’s DT Aaron Jones, Sequoyah Jones. 

Jones’ family also were very ecstatic to see him come so far in his academic and athletic career and were proud to be able to celebrate him.

So many family and friends came out to support their fellow seniors on Friday, and are all very excited to see what they become in the future.