How to Achieve Your Quarantine Glow Up

How to Achieve Your Quarantine Glow Up

Ava Vaccaro

With a quarantine that seems like it will last forever and nowhere to go, people are dedicating their time to both looking and feeling good. With Florida close to fully reopening, why not come back better than ever than with a “corona glow up”. 

The “corona glow up” is the incorporation of a regimen full of workouts, diet changes and skin care. Not to be mistaken as a glow up for just women, this glow up is for everyone stuck at home.

The first aspect is a healthy diet. While it’s easier to order UberEats instead of cooking, taking the extra time pays off. A Harvard Health study “suggest[s] that those who frequently cook at home—six to seven nights a week—also consume fewer calories on the occasions when they eat out.” When it comes to eating, it’s best to skip the take out and start channeling your inner chef.

Next is a focus on a fit body. Summer is approaching, and with nothing else to do, what better time to get in shape then now. There are a variety of at home workouts and a lack of equipment is no challenge, Consumer reports provide at home workouts perfect for anyone as well as online training for a more directed work out approach.

The next parts of the “corona glow up” are more cosmetic. Achieving clear skin is a hard task for many, but now, with ample time to implement a strong skin care regimen, clearer skin can be more attainable than ever. There are a variety of online resources online to help find what products are best for you. Don’t know where to start? No need to worry, Birchbox has a quick and easy five question quiz dedicated to finding the best face mask for you. 

While many people’s hair regimen may have gotten lazy with messy buns or days without washing, they are ignoring the damage being done to their hair. Penn state found that keeping your hair in a “ponytail” can cause tissue strains and even headaches. Some might feel their hair is too oily or too dry to put down, but no need to worry. Tresemme, a well known hair brand has made this quiz that has questions about hair type and hair goals to help determine a perfect line of products for you. 

The final part of the “corona glow up” is the mind. The coronavirus has made times more stressful than ever and some may take on unhealthy habits like binging, or stress eating to find a peace of mind. It is important to focus on healthy ways to ease the mind, hobbies like yoga and meditation are a healthy way to relax and center the body. A popular source for yoga instruction comes from a YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene where anyone can tune in and find inner peace.

The corona glow up is a challenging one, but with more time and resources than ever, anyone can do it. Now is the best time to get into shape, both physically and mentally, all you need is motivation, self discipline and a positive state of mind.