Gaither Showers Swap Bubbles for Bacteria


Kaia Bonilla

Dripping stalactite on a shower head in the Gaither girl’s shower room.

Kaia Bonilla

Stalactites in the shower? Welcome to Gaither High School’s shower rooms. Upon entering either locker room things appear somewhat normal and tidy. Students who take a step into the girl’s shower area will be greeted by slimy floors, dirt, mold, mildew, hair and grime. The boy’s shower area is in the same condition, and has been turned into storage for extra desks.  


Stacked desks and a blue kiddie pool in Gaither’s boys communal shower area.

This is affecting students taking physical education classes.  These students don’t want to participate for fear of getting sweaty and having to wait until after school to take a shower.  

“I had weight training for first period and if anybody in that class actually worked out they would have horrible B.O. for the rest of the day,” student Richard Jackson said.  

While some school’s athletic teams are getting bigger and better in morning practice, Gaither can’t because of the shower conditions.

According to multi-sport athlete Tahj Hunter, there is absolutely zero privacy in the boy’s showers. After morning practices during last year’s basketball season, boys would wash themselves in their clothes due to not wanting to be naked in front of 15 or more peers.

Mold and built-up algae on the floor of Gaither’s girls communal shower room.

Head football coach Kirk Karsen has worked for Gaither for three years, and said that in all his time here he has never seen the showers cleaned.

Girl’s basketball coach Roddy Brown said that while morning practice isn’t his all-time favorite, it’s always good to have the option. It feels as if the athletes aren’t given this option due to the state that the showers are in. 

“It makes it difficult to envision an athlete wanting to use our facilities to bathe,” Brown said.  

The janitorial staff was unable to be reached for comment after many attempts.