Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Home to the Super Bowl


Jadyn Bottini

People all over Tampa Bay are exploding with joy as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are returning home to play in the Super Bowl at their home stadium on Feb. 7. 

After winning the semi-finals with a final score of 31-26 over the Green Bay Packers, the Bucs will be the first team to ever play in the Super Bowl at their home stadium, creating NFL history.

People everywhere in the city of Tampa are bathing in the glory of the Bucs reaching the Super Bowl for the first time since 2003.

“We’ve never seen that happen before and it’s like woah our Bucs franchise just made history here in Tampa,” said sophomore Steven Cervin.

Tampanians are proud of their team and feel that the new additions were an asset to being able to make it to the Super Bowl.

“Tom Brady and Gronkowski who are playing with the Bucs for the first time and I don’t think it’s a surprise that we’re in the Super Bowl right after they got here,” said freshman Talia Rosenburg. 

Many feel Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, who are both new to the team this year, are a big part of making it to the Super Bowl.

No matter the reason, the community is ecstatic over the win and the history the beloved team will be making. Tampa is proud and it’s a good day to be a Buccaneer.