Upcoming 2020 Winter Sports at Gaither

Tulio Martinez, Staff Writer

Winter sports are coming up in the next few weeks and students only have a limited time to sign up for them. In order for them to be able to sign up to play sports, they need to complete the athletic packet online

Winter sports include soccer, wrestling, women’s basketball and baseball’s winter season. 

Both Baseball and Soccer tryouts have already passed for this year’s seasons. The first preseason soccer game is on Nov. 3 and the first game of the season is Nov. 12 against the East Bay Indians. Baseball has yet to release this season’s game schedule.

“If you’re willing to work for what you want then this year will be one of the best years Cowboys soccer has ever seen. It all comes down to how hard they want to work and what limits they can reach as a team. So when someone asks me what I’m looking forward to, I really don’t have a direct answer because I’m always ready to win. It’s all down to the guys and how hard they can be pushed while they are on empty,” said Soccer Coach Trevor Scott.

Wrestling tryouts are still open for students to join Gaither’s wrestling team. All interested people need to do is contact Coach Mike Drapeau through his email at [email protected] to get information to participate in this season.

“I am really looking forward to this upcoming wrestling season because practices are fun and I really enjoy doing this sport,” says sophomore Brenden Wheeler.

While most winter sports tryouts have already come and gone students should look forward to seeing their friends play and be on the lookout for the spring sports season.