COVID Guidelines Limit Attendance at Games


Tulio Martinez, Staff Writer

This year attending football games at Gaither High School will be very different. While last year all students were allowed to go to games at full attendance, this year, to abide by the Coronavirus precautions, attending games has changed drastically.

For all of the sports, it is now required that all players on a team make a list of four people that they would like to come and watch their game. This list can include family members, friends or anyone else that the player would want to be their guest.

These lists need to be done a day before the game and all guests must follow all of the CDC guidelines including wearing face masks and abiding by social distancing. 

“I will miss being able to go to football games because I could see my friends at the games, and the games were a lot of fun to watch and now we can’t go to them,” said sophomore Brenden Wheeler.

Football games usually have higher attendance for people who want to see the game, watch the band or support the cheerleaders, but now students in activities like band, cheer and color guard are also limited to four guests each.

“I am really happy that the band is able to go to football games because I get to perform for band and then I’m able to watch the football game with my friends and that is really fun,” said sophomore Jason Wurtz.

At this moment, attendance is limited and many students are not able to go and watch games but hopes are up to go out and cheer on teams in the later sport seasons.