Coronavirus Cancels Spring Sports

Tulio Martinez

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Hillsborough County closed schools for the rest of the year. This cancels sports like baseball, softball, flag football and more. 

Many seniors will be missing their last season of high school sports which is very important to them. 

Track and field competed in just four of their 14 schedule meets before their season came to a sudden halt.

“It is super upsetting just having to cut my last season short… On top of losing out on some recruitment opportunities, we are a family and not being able to finish our season together, make more memories and walk on senior night is heartbreaking. Those are some of the things that we have been working so hard to do,” senior distance runner Gabby Marshall said. 

Gaither’s baseball team ended their season with a promising 6-1 record before they had to cancel the season.

“In my perspective, it affects me more on the emotional side. This was my very last high school baseball season. We were going crazy this year, working super hard and winning games,” senior pitcher Albert Padron said.

Seniors won’t get a chance to officially say goodbye to their friends and teammates before moving on to college, making it a heartbreaking experience for them.

“We built a brotherhood inside of that locker room. We built relationships that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives and to see it get taken away from one day to the next, knowing I won’t ever be able to experience it again, it’s just heartbreaking,” Padron said.

At the time their season ended, the softball team had won most of the games they were able to play in, with a record of 5-2. 

“I’m really sad about the school cancelling sports, especially because it was my first season playing high school softball. But I think they made the right choice in cancelling it,” freshman Rachel Fine said.

Spring football had just started when the pandemic struck and had to be cancelled. 

“It took away everybody’s spring season which means no football in May, no college visits until after quarantine ends and no team workouts. A lot of people needed the spring to show out to college recruits but will have to wait until it all passes over to get recruited,” junior captain Nick Bartalo said.

Athletes across the country are being affected by the cancellation of spring seasons.