Kobe Bryant: Leaving a Mark


Viviana Burgos

Student wears a Kobe Bryant jersey to honor the basketball player’s life.

Viviana Burgos

On Sunday, Jan. 26, the NBA legend Kobe Bryant and one of his daughters were among several people killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Bryant, 41, was on his way to a basketball game with his daughter Gianna Bryant, who was 13.

In his career, Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers, won five NBA championships, made 18 All-Star teams, won an MVP award, earned two scoring titles and two Olympic gold medals.

Bryant’s legacy didn’t stop at the court. He touched many lives around the world, including the lives of students at Gaither High School.

Gaither’s boys basketball captain, Jack Hardin, spoke about the passing of the NBA star.

“It’s very heartbreaking because as a basketball fan, nationally and worldwide, he was a well liked person,” Hardin said.

Bryant was known for his “Mamba mentality.” This name was used to describe Bryant’s intense focus and determination he had for preparing and competing in his games.

“I’m speechless. He was my idol growing up. I always wanted to work harder and be like Kobe because of his work ethic,” Barrera said.

“Growing up, Kobe impacted me because of his mentality and the way he approached the game he was very good on and off the court, he would be in the gym before and after the games working hard because he wants to be great and I want to be great too,” Hardin said.

Sheily Acosta, the team manager for the boys basketball team was stunned by the passing of the NBA star.

“Personally for me, hearing about his passing was shocking. I can easily say Kobe Bryant has had a huge impact on NBA history, his passing is hard on many, but I hope people follow in his footsteps and leave a positive impact on the world the way he did,” Acosta said.

There has been worldwide support and unity as everyone remembers the legend and the impact he had on the younger generations.