Sports We Should Have Available at Gaither

George Steinbrenner High School is one of many Hillsborough County schools with their own lacrosse team.

Photo Courtesy of Florida Lacrosse News

George Steinbrenner High School is one of many Hillsborough County schools with their own lacrosse team.

Lexi Mariash, Staff Writer


Gaither’s athletic program includes a wide variety of sports, from swimming to golf, but there are still many that aren’t included. Students who want to participate in sports not available here at Gaither are then forced to not play or to play for another school who does compete.

The problem with out-sourcing our athletes to other schools’ teams is more than just losing awards and accomplishments that could be awarded to Gaither. It also negatively affects the athlete. Not only is a student athlete surrounded by new people at a school they would normally be competing with, but they now must bond with that team. Student athletes also must stay updated while not being present at school.

Lacrosse is a sport that most schools in our county have and compete in, except for Gaither. The schools around us gets to participate and while we currently have a club for students interested in it,it is still not an official sport.

Another sport most schools have is a diving team. We have a whole swim team and members requesting to put together a diving squad, but to no avail. Students have also pushed for a hockey team. Currently, if you are a student interested in playing hockey, you might be upset that rather than play for a Gaither sports team or even a club, you will have to join Freedom High School’s team.

“I’ve developed my skills throughout high school to represent the team I play for, and being a student here at Gaither High School, I’d like to represent Gaither rather than a club team like Freedom,” said sophomore and hockey player Logan Valenti.

Gaither administrators are always putting an emphasis on how important athletics are to the integrity to the school and how proud they are of our student athletes as a whole. It is about time Gaither offers sports like hockey and lacrosse officially so that more of our student body can get involved in our school and put Gaither’s name out in those athletic competitions.