Lesser-Known Sports Teams Still Deserve Recognition


Rachel Slay, Staff Writer


Athletics are a great way for students to be recognized beyond the classroom. Many of our sports teams go unnoticed due to the lack of advertisement and promotion.

When was the last time you heard about the upcoming tennis match? Or how about the next home soccer game? The task of filling the bleachers with spectators at these often-forgotten events has fallen upon the student athletes that partake in the events themselves. If not for their posting on social media, many games would be played with little to no fans.

“We always hope for a big home crowd but we’ll get maybe 15 people and they’re mostly our parents,” said Winter Whipple, sophomore and goalie for the girls’ soccer team.

Games are occasionally announced on the morning show, but it’s safe to say a majority of students pay no attention to the daily production. A lot of teachers do not turn it on because they know that their students will not watch.

Obviously, we cannot force people to go to games but we should at least provide the information about the games so there is an opportunity to deny attending.

Our school has also consistently neglected to share our sports teams’ successes with the student body. Several of our teams have had post-season success, unbeknownst to the rest of the school.

For example, in late October, two of our cross-country runners qualified for regionals for the first time in 10 years. This past weekend, our cheerleading team competed at regionals for the first time in Class 2A. Even though they were up against much harder competition they were still able to qualify for semi-finals. All of this happened without any major broadcast.

“When our friends come and support us, it motivates us to do our best. Maybe if they [competitions or games] were announced at the end of the day it would be better.” said junior Ashley Valdes, varsity cheerleader.

Even though teams are introduced at pep rallies and can hang banners in the cafeteria, students don’t listen and banners get crushed by traffic.

Our Gaither Cowboys deserve recognition for their successes and support in their efforts.