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New baseball coach steps up to bat

David Mozombite, Staff Writer

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With this season only recently starting, the baseball team will have completed two games with a score of one win and one loss, losing to Alonso by only one point with a score of 5-4 while winning against Blake 11-0.

In the past eight years that the baseball team has played against other schools, the team has never posted a standing that fell into a negative win/lose ratio. The closest they have come was the 2012-2013 team with a game record of 12 wins with only 12 losses. With their strong record going for them, the baseball team have a lot riding on a good record this eighth season.

With their ratio at 1-1, the team has a lot to prove and uphold. But, this year has proven different from past seasons due to the fact that the team no longer has the experience of a seasoned coach at the their disposal. With the 14-15 school year, a new coach has taken the place of the last.

This year the new coach, Coach Nelson North, will be taking the field in picking up the pace of his predecessor’s game streak. Last year, Coach Frank Permuy had been one of the longest running coaches with a total of nine years as head coach. He also succeeded in have a positive streak over the course of his entire coaching career.

“We are a young team with talented players,” Coach North said. “So, it’ll all be in how quickly do they learn how to play the game right, and how quickly they come together as one team one family.”

This shows how much potential the team has to succeed in their roles and achieve a high level of excellence, which is what Coach North wants, and what Coach Permuy would have been in for, as well.

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New baseball coach steps up to bat