Sports deserve equal recognition

Jessica Lawless, public relations manager

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Students have been talking about the football team getting more recognition and more special privileges then other sports.

 Our schools football team is well known. But what about other sports like golf and tennis? Who goes to those games?

 Football players receive pep rallies, time out of class, cheerleaders, and a band. No other sports have any of that; most people don’t even go to any school event besides football games.

 Our school has 11 different sports, most of which are ignored by faculty and other students. These team players should be credited for what they do.

 Freshman Savanna Dye said she never even knew we had a tennis team.

  “Our boys have worked long and hard at what they do, we may not be the best, but I think we need a little more credit,” said boys tennis coach Antony Valencia.

 Though all school sports get the same amount of money, $8,000 dollars split between various sports. It seems like our football team always seems to have so much more money.

 This extra money comes from the booster club. The Athletic Booster Club is a fundraiser for a specific sport that donates money to the team.

 If other sports just signed up for the booster club, they would be able to receive new uniforms and equipment.

 Some students even acknowledge the fact that football is favored at our school.

 “I’m on the baseball team and we’re just as good as the football team, maybe even better. We never get pep rallies or special announcements for our games. Most people don’t even know what night our games are on,” said junior Hunter Henderson.

 Baseball has placed in regionals for the past two years, when our football team hasn’t even come close to regionals for eight years.

 Our football team also hasn’t made it to the playoffs in three years.

 “I understand why people don’t come to our golf matches. Golf isn’t a spectator sport, but people need to have a little appreciation for what we do. It’s not as easy as it looks. We’re an individual sport, not a team sport,” said boys golf coach Dwayne Olinger.

 Even though our boy’s golf team was two strokes away from winning regionals last year, they received no congratulations for the great job.

 All sports at our school need to be given the same privileges; there shouldn’t be one sport that is better than another one.

 Maybe it’s time to start appreciating sports other then football.

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