Why Journalism?

Panayiota Laliotis

Gaither High School offers a journalism class that teaches students the basic rules, functions and forms of journalism. 

Journalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast.

Journalism is taught in many forms as well, such as video, photo and written.

Students who take the journalism class at Gaither will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of journalism as well as write journalism and publish pieces for the school newspaper. 

The journalism classroom is run differently than other classes because although it has a teacher, the class is run by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, a student.

The journalism class is taught by Lorien Mattiacci.

Students need to complete Journalism 1 before they can take Newspaper and Yearbook.

The current editor and chief is Rachel Slay. Journalism student Tulio Martinez says Slay is an “exceptional leader.”

Students can talk to their guidance counselor to request the class for the upcoming year or select the class on their schedule sheet.