Hurricane Safety Tips


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer

After the horrific events of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, people are all about taking caution when the word “hurricane” is thrown around. A new storm has recently  made landfall in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, which did a number on the citizens.

It’s unlikely that the storm will reach Florida but, here are some tips to stay safe and prepare in the case of any potentially devastating disaster:



Throw outdoor patio furniture into a pool (if you have a pool)


Throwing your fashionable outdoor decor into a pool may be a hard thing to do however, the reason behind it is ingenious.

When winds are too powerful, patio furniture can be blown into your glass doors and windows, causing them to shatter and ultimately be an opening for water to enter and damage your home. The results of which can be costly to repair.

Outdoor furniture is typically designed to withstand time in water. Even if it isn’t, it’s a small price to pay to ensure your overall home is protected from unnecessary damage.


Keep non-perishable Canned foods around

When weather gets bad, the chances of power going out is increased. Canned foods are something you eat without heating up and they have a very long shelf life so they are ideal foods to have around in situations where electricity may not be working.



Stay in the center of your house or in a designated storm area


These designated areas are typically rooms in your house with few or no windows. During intense storms, it is best to stay away from glass that could shatter and pose as a potential threat to your safety. These areas are also most likely the sturdiest areas of your home which means they have a better chance at withstanding stronger weather. Staying in them is the best bet for you and your family.



Use backup battery packs and generators


When storms hit and power goes out it’s important to have battery packs and generators ready in order to recharge things like cellphones. Being able to stay connected and communicate with friends and family is very important so both parties are informed of what is going on.


Stay indoors



Leaving during the storm can damage your vehicle and it can be incredibly dangerous to drive when roads are flooded. Driving during a storm can harm you as well so make sure you have things prepared and stocked up ahead of time so you don’t have to leave during the storm.


Be patient



Things will be hectic before, during and after the storm and it may take a while for things to get better.

Stores may also be running out of or are already out of the supplies you’d like to have. However, it’s not the staff’s fault so be polite to them, this time is just as stressful on them as it is on you.

Your safety and your family’s safety should be the top priority. Be patient and stay up to date on what is going on during this.


These are six useful tips that can help you during a hurricane or even a bad storm. In times like these, it’s important that we, as a community, come together. Although the storm may last a short while, the destruction can last for months.  

Remember to be kind to everyone and help each other out as much as possible.

Stay safe, Cowboys.