Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Leigh Dittman , Staff Writer

Thanksgiving, just like any other holiday, is filled with traditions that have happened for years within families.

Growing up the daughter of a fireman, I’ve gotten accustomed to two typical types of Thanksgiving.

Years where Dad is on call and at the station, mean spending the day at the firehouse with all the “uncles” that have been picked up throughout the years. Thanksgiving at the fire house is always something that my family looks forward to.

The guys at the station get an hour off of calls in order to sit down with friends and family to eat whatever was brought. From your iconic items like turkey and mash potatoes with gravy to some of the weirdest items that end up on the table like pulled pork and ribs.

Picnic tables are pulled together next to firetrucks and it turns into a full on free for all. Little ones of the new lieutenants always end up finding a stray piece of chalk for drawings that will be washed away the next time the firehose is used and convince their parents that they should try on bunker gear. Husbands convince their wives to take a ride in the ladder bucket and it’s a great laugh for all.

After plates are thoroughly cleaned and left overs are packed up specifically for the family’s that want them, everyone breaks into groupings. Teenagers take over the captain’s room to get away from younger siblings to hang out; wives and girlfriends congregate in the kitchen, right by the window to watch the little ones playing outside. Firemen and other guy relatives hang out by the fire trucks talking until the calls finally start coming in again.

The guys cycle in and out on calls as families slowly trickle home. It’s a tradition that happens all over the city for all fireman families.

Thanksgiving at home isn’t as fun but is still filled with the same amount of traditions. My family gathers at my grandparent’s house for the same meal we’ve had for as long as I can remember.

Family members break into different areas of the house to play games, gossip, or take a long nap after the sheer amount of food consumed.

For me and my family, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same if we changed it.