Senioritis: A senior point-of-view

Darrin Davis, Sports Editor

All high school seniors can think about is making their mark on the world and how they’re going to do so. Maybe find the cure for cancer, or be the next big music star, discover a way to end world hunger, become a playwright, actor, astronaut, chef, chief of police, movie critic, or even something as humble as a journalist; it’s needless to say, the possibilities are endless.

“You can be anything you want to be as long as you put your mind to it,” said just about every parent ever.

Oh yes, but of course… There is still that one daunting task called the final semester of high school that comes equipped with “senioritis”, a made up disease that seems to be all too real for those who have self-diagnosed themselves with it.
Seniors, who have senioritis, find themselves lacking a need to do any work. This decrease in productivity can be blamed on the pseudo-disease, which can be broken down into three sub-classes: the work, decrease in sleep, and the preference to enjoy life.

After 12 years of repetitive curriculum– and let’s face it– a lot of needless information, it’s no mystery as to why they would rather be on Twitter, or listening to the popular music of today than be mindlessly writing in a Spring Board book that their sixty-year-old teacher assigned to them. In the long run, “Mrs. What’s-her-face” won’t even look at the scribbled, incomplete sentences.

Sleep is another reason why there is a serious plummet in the amount of work done by seniors.

Oh, how important sleep is! It is a basic necessity for all humans. Scientists have proven that teenagers are the ones needing the most rest and are the ones getting the least. While partially to fault of their own, it is heavily the fault of public school starting so early and the social obligation that teenagers need to get a job as soon as possible that results in a groggy, unresponsive, sleep-deprived, hormone-fueled, teenager who just so happens to feel rebellious.

As if the repetitive courses and lack of sleep weren’t enough, to drive a young adult over the edge, they have the hunger and need to be free. Of course living in Florida with beaches just 30 minutes away, it isn’t any easier as the year drags along. Strip malls riddled with Starbucks and Panera Bread, and of course that cosmic connection with your bed that can be felt half way across town, makes the idea of skipping school, or sign yourself out, even more enormous.

High school seniors have the rest of their lives to enjoy, so why such a need to go out? It’s pretty simple, this is their last glimpse of childhood before they’re on their own, paying the bills, and working the nine-to-five; it’s a scary thought.

Wanting to be surrounded by friends who you grew up with and will likely never see again, and wanting to have a good time in their last week, is something that every class of seniors has felt before as they look back on some of the best years of their life.

The decrease in productivity is seen every year and will be the same for as long as this world spins in every nation around the world. Just as the need to have fun and enjoy fleeting childhood will remain.