Student Thoughts on Gaither COVID Protocols


Yasmine Smith, Freshman

Mia Chavez

Gaither High School students have been affected heavily by COVID as they transition into school. Those who attend the school must wear face masks and maintain distance in order to slow the spread of the virus. All students and staff are advised to keep their distance and wash hands frequently.

Students are not exactly thrilled about the new circumstances and conditions that come with coming to school every day, but many would agree that these new rules are worth it. 

The school has sectioned the school into hallways where students can only walk one way, this was to promote less unnecessary interaction and contact between students.

“I do not like this because I want to be right next to my friends, but if it is the only way we can keep each other safe, I will do it,” said freshman Jaylah Rodriguez.

People inside the school, including students and staff, must wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times. 

“When I wear a mask I feel suffocated,” said freshman Britney Ramos. 

Although COVID-19 has definitely affected the way things are run, students do not feel that their education is in danger.

“I would not say this is affecting my learning experience, it is just the same,” said junior Jazmine Castro. 

Students who have come to Gaither after doing virtual school show greater gratitude for being able to come to school. Carlos Montanez mentions the difficulties of being an e-learner.

“Online is much harder than school because when you are online you have many assignments to do every week. This makes you spend all day on your laptop,” said Montanez.

The environment that someone works in will affect their performance regardless of the job, before school was much more carefree but now, COVID has drastically changed how we do things and even how we view people. The rules in place in the school are necessary in order to keep the people we care about safe.