Pro & Con: Florida State Fair, Fun or Bum?

Olivia Dyer, Staff Writer

The words “fair day” bring many opinions to the table about, frankly, whether the state fair is actually enjoyable or not. For Hillsborough County, the Florida State Fair means a day off from school for teachers and students, and an opportunity to get into the annual festival for free. Some people look forward to this classic festivity; the food is good, the rides are wild and the people are nice. Others think the fair is terrible; the food is gross, the bathrooms are abominable and the rides are dangerous. At its best, the fair can certainly be called hectic and even outrageous; but as for whether this is a good or bad thing, that’s up to its visitors to decide.

For one Gaither student, the fair was a fun place to visit when she was a kid, but it’s not as fun now that she’s older.

“As younger me I liked it, but now that I’ve grown up, I don’t have the fascination to go there because it’s a lot of money and I’d rather just go to the mall and hang out. The rides are okay; they don’t have good roller coasters, but they have some really cool horror things that kind of get you a little jump. At my age now, I wouldn’t like to go the fair,” said junior Zoey Harris.

As far as fair hacks go, the biggest downside to attending is going on Fair Day itself. Instead of going to the fair on its most bustling day, it’s recommendable to go at a less frequented time, like the Saturday after. If you go on the designated day, it can be irksome with all the crowds and make fair-goers feel claustrophobic. The fair also has a history of incidences occurring after dark, most of which happen that Friday.

Despite these drawbacks, junior Kelly Mercado is one student that finds the fair pretty gratifying.

“The fun houses are fun. I love their funnel cake and their fried Oreos. When I went there on Saturday, it was much less busy than going to the fair on Friday. There were fewer crowds so it made my experience more enjoyable. I would like to go back there sometime soon,” said Mercado.

The fair isn’t solely bad, as many cliches would leave one to believe; it has plenty of good qualities, too. Many people have a blast at the fair thanks to the plethora of games, rides and food, regardless of age. It’s a local, kid-friendly place to enjoy some free time with friends and family. However, some people might not enjoy this so much, maybe because of their age or simply because they aren’t a fan of the scene. Overall the state fair is not for everyone, but regardless of your opinion on it, the fair is a time-tested event, and it’s an American classic that it sure to continue here in Florida for decades to come.