Snow’s a No-Go: Why this Winter Spectacle Isn’t Worth the Hype


New York Times

Sabrina Maxey, Staff Writer


Florida is known as the Sunshine State, which is pretty appropriate. We’re widely known for our beaches and warm climate, and as Florida is a huge tourist destination, many Northerners enjoy traveling south for some sun and warmth.

However, we Floridians only experience three seasons. Being the most southern state in the nation and a peninsula, we don’t have a proper winter season. I love the absence of snow in Florida; though it might be pretty to look at, it really isn’t everything it’s hyped up to be.

“I want to see snow because it looks so amazing in pictures, like the ground is blanketed in the white snow. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to have a snowball fight and build a snowman, just have the full snow experience,” said junior, Natalie Wolfe.

While undoubtedly gorgeous in pictures, in reality snow is unbelievably cold and not very fun. Making a snowball is way more difficult than imagined. Your body warmth starts to melt the snow, which will just soak your gloves. Trying to make the picture-perfect snowman is impossible, because the snow mixes with the dead grass and dirt which makes a terrible color. Even trying to make each level perfectly round is impossible to achieve.

On a trip of my own to one of the Smithsonian Museums while visiting Washington, DC, it had just snowed the previous day. At the end of a crosswalk on the walk there, there was a puddle of melted snow and slush that I jumped over to avoid soaking my shoes. I barely cleared it before slipping on a day-old snow pile that was cleared from the road. My right leg almost suffered from frostbite thanks to the slush, and on top of that it was incredibly windy; people had their faces covered and some were even walking partially sideways. In other words, I have very little attachment to the snow, and I think that if more people experienced the real thing firsthand, they wouldn’t be very fond of it either.

Snow isn’t and I don’t think has ever been worth the constant attention is receives, especially from the southern states. It’s way too cold for most Floridians to handle, and the only time that it’s truly great is the day the snow falls; the next day it turns to a hard slush. For a state that can barely handle a dip into the 40s, it’s not the type of weather that anyone should be advocating for. Snow is just a no-go.