Pro & Con: Having a High School Relationship

Does young love help or hinder high schoolers?



Pro by Austin Carlton

High school can be a lonely place; projects, homework and deadlines can be isolating and make it difficult to have a social life. However, some high schoolers have the opportunity to balance their responsibilities with a relationship. Though relationships are not for everyone, some couples find many benefits in having young love.  

Having a companion and someone to turn to and talk about school with helps with emotional control and stress, even if the relationship is strictly platonic. Platonic relationships have no romantic commitments, but still provide a person you can go to and confide in about school, or work on projects with.  

Having someone to spend time with and talk to also increases levels of dopamine, making people more happy overall. Being in a relationship also gives you a better understanding of other people’s feelings and teaches you how to respect those feelings.  Personally, having a group of close friends to talk to is extremely helpful and over all makes high school a more enjoyable experience.  

Romantic relationships in high school can be very risky and in some situations distract you from school or even worsen stress, but it can also relieve stress and overall be very helpful mentally and emotionally. Having someone to look forward to seeing at school encourages better attendance. Another benefit of being in a high school relationship is always having a partner to work with in class and a person to sit with.  

On a larger scale, several studies have shown being in a romantic relationship can lengthen a persons lifespan. Another positive reason to be in a relationship in high school is that it can help you expand your friend group through friends your partner. Healthy relationships can lead to a healthy life.  

It is very scary to feel alone in high school or anywhere in general, but being in a relationship, whether platonic or romantic can bring forth countless benefits for you and your significant other.  


Con by Alicia Sanchez-Brooks

In high school, it can be quite a hassle to balance a relationship with school, jobs, homework and extracurricular activities. Being in a relationship adds extra stress in a person’s life and can lead to additional problems on top of everyday teenage issues.

Dating someone you see on a day to day basis can become tiresome and annoying. Relationships aren’t the necessity that people make them out to be. Stressing over someone else isn’t a good feeling or healthy benefit of a high school relationship.

Personal lives can also play a factor in whether things will work out or not. Dealing with working at a job and attending school can be hard to balance trying to make plans with a significant other. Grades can also suffer during this time when someone isn’t focusing on the right things. Just like when you try doing homework and end up Netflixing instead. Even future plans can cause a relationship to end abruptly, college life is very different from high school.

Happy endings in high school are a rarity. Break ups are just an endless cycle that everyone is doomed to repeat. Many simple reasons can end a relationship from at home issues, petty problems, to differing views. Getting into a relationship because of the feeling of loneliness or lack of love is a human flaw. Being in a relationship can end in heartbreak followed by a lot of emotions.

Love is a fictional concept. People dream and hope that it is this great emotion that you can develop over time for someone. In fact, that is all it is. It is a dream that everyone is bound to wake up from and feel crummy afterwards. Many factors can get in the way of a healthy relationship as people are still trying to learn themselves. It’s a learning experience that all teenagers go through to eventually learn what they view as appealing.