New Parking Lot Procedure Creates New Problems


Photo by Sabrina Maxey

Sabrina Maxey, Staff Writer


Gaither’s student parking lot is notorious for getting backed up during dismissal. In years past the parking lot was run on a first come, first served basis, or the first ones in their car get out faster. However, this year, administration has decided to make changes to the parking lot in response to the constant headache that is caused daily.

“We’re here to keep everyone safe, it’s our job to know who is on our campus at all times. We also want to make sure all cars are in the right area. We want to stop kids from skipping and we want to make sure all of the OJT, dual and virtual kids have a spot in their area so they can leave on time. The cones are also in place to help the parking lot clear in a timely fashion,” said Jackie Eisenhauer, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs.

The school has since blocked off all lanes except for the last three with cones to prevent students from exiting at any point. Students and parents are now expected to drive all the way down to the football field to turn into the main lanes.

Students are also expected to stay in the left-hand lane, parents on the right, and only merge into necessary lanes towards the exit of the lot. Cones have also been placed between the departing lanes at the exit, meaning if a driver wasn’t given the chance to merge into their needed lanes they must use the current lane, turn and later make a U-turn.

The problem that drivers now face is that many people won’t allow others in front of them, so there is no last-minute lane changing.

“The parking lot was a headache last year and this year it continues to be the same. Despite the new changes I’m still sitting in traffic in the parking lot, for what seems like forever, and on top of that I’m rushed to change lanes before it’s too late.” said Natalie Wolfe, junior.

Students as well as parents have expressed their frustration with the parking lot, and while the new lot arrangement was made as an effort to try and resolve the situation, congestion continues to be a major problem.

However, as the school year gets back into gear students have had time to adjust to the new arrangement. Parking passes are still being sold in Student Affairs, and citations and further consequences will begin next week.