‘In God We Trust’ Signs Promote Future Controversy

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‘In God We Trust’ Signs Promote Future Controversy

Alicia Sanchez-Brooks, Staff Writer

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On Feb. 21, the Florida House passed a bill requiring that all public schools must display a sign or banner stating ‘In God We Trust’ in an “inconspicuous” place. The bill was approved in response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. At this point, it seems like Florida lawmakers are not focusing on the problems at hand, but on a distraction for the events taking place.   

The new legislation will be put into effect as of July, but what Florida’s House of Representatives don’t realize is the controversy this bill is going to cause among students. It’s offensive that one religion is brought up as more important than others. The first amendment give us the right to practice religion freely, however in the school system it’s well known that our education shall not be tainted by the teachings of one particular religion. If the Florida House wanted to place a sign up it should read, ” All Religions Trusted”.  

When Representative Kim Daniels stated the real issues that need to be addressed “are issues of the heart,” the underlying tone places blame upon students and how they treat others, and yet government officials want to single out one religion as superior. These signs should never have been thought up and are useless to put up. For Christians, it may be viewed as an uplifting sign, but to others it could be seen as a setback. Some may see it as a way to convert them into Christians, which is an agenda schools aren’t supposed to incorporate into the daily atmosphere.   

Students share the same opinion: the bill passed is surely a way to avoid talking about the gun control issue and, instead of helping with our safety, it has brought religion into discussion.  

“For other people it’s not fair, it’s a public school and there is a separation of church and state. Just because of gun violence, it doesn’t incite that the [Florida House of Representatives] should put up Christian signs… religions or denominations that might feel adverse to that. Why make them uncomfortable when public schools are supposed to be separated from that? ” said Tsion Shimola, junior.    

The bill’s timing is a diversion from the real predicament. All the recent shootings have led to protests about gun control being an issue; which it is. School shootings shouldn’t be an issue, but it affects all of us as individuals, which is why children are taking this controversy into their own hands.  

FL law makers should put politics aside for one moment and realize children are scared to go to school.  

These signs won’t fix the real problems. Words won’t help the shootings stop if they are still enabling the weapon to be placed in our hands. This has nothing to do with our hearts, but instead with our system. Those above us, the ones claiming to be the adults, surely aren’t acting like it. Take matters into your hands and surely students’ lives won’t have to be at risk any longer. 

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