Teacher Protests Leave Students Concerned

Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer


The teachers of Hillsborough County have been protesting in the workplace regarding the contract for their raise. That means they only work the eight-hour day; they don’t come in any earlier than 7:15 a.m. and are allowed to leave at 3:15 p.m. But how does this affect the students? 

This impacts students in numerous ways, one being their grades. Teachers, by contract, only have to put in grades once each quarter. This means that many teachers are inputting grades but not sharing them, which causes several problems for the students. For example, I think I’m passing a class, but maybe I forgot to turn in an assignment or I didn’t do good on a test, and now I won’t know until the teacher decides to share the grades. By then the quarter could be over and there is nothing I can do to boost my grade. 

With exams coming up students are stressing, and with teachers not sharing the grades with us, many students are working hard to make sure that we turn in and catch up on all assignments while also balancing time to study for exams or last-minute tests. I know I am trying to complete all my work, but it is hard to do so when teachers are giving last-minute tests and expect their study guides to be completed. This leaves many of us stressed and worn out. 

Another way it affects students is when they need help and they come during the teachers’ lunch break, before school or after school for tutoring. Teachers have a 30 minute lunch break, so if a student needed help they would go to the teacher for help. Now teachers can lock their doors during that 30 minutes and not help students until after that time is over.  

I know for me, I would get help from my teachers during after school tutoring and sometimes in the morning when I didn’t understand the material they were teaching. Now I can’t get the help I need from them, which means I can fall behind and will fail the upcoming test because I didn’t understand the material. Some teachers would also give extra credit to students who came to their tutoring sessions. I would go so I could have the extra credit at the end of the quarter to help my grade in certain classes. But now those aren’t available to us students. 

I understand why the teachers are protesting, but I can’t help but worry about my education and how it will affect me as my peers and I continue through the school year.